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The world’s first and only design software built by home cinema designers for home cinema designers, TCD allows you to create a dedicated cinema or media room in minutes, not days. Save time, save money.

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Everyone from integrators to manufacturers have given The CEDIA Designer rave reviews. Here’s a sample:

  • Christiaan Beukes

    Company: Sphere Custom Design
    TCD has revolutionized our design process. It’s been very, very beneficial to our bottom line. It’s a no-brainer.
  • Paul Cummin

    Company: Artcoustic UK
    An awesome, must-have tool for installers designing the very best home cinemas.
  • Gerry Lemay

    Company: Home Acoustics Alliance
    I think every AV integrator should give it a try and see how it can shorten design time. Wonderful tool!
  • Joel Silver

    Company: Imaging Science Foundation - ISF
    We applaud the launch of this tool to help integrators ensure high performance for their clients.
  • David Susilo

    Company: WiFi HiFi
    To present a CAD drawing with all the specs usually costs around $2,000 and takes about three weeks to complete. Those days are over thanks to The CEDIA Designer.
  • Julie Jacobson

    Company: CE Pro
    All the gushing about The CEDIA Designer (TCD) home-theater design software is genuine for me. I'm doubly sold on TCD — not just as a remarkable design tool, but as one of the best marketing tools I've seen for selling (and upselling!) dedicated home theaters.
  • Charlie Cann

    Company: Loewe
    Joining the TCD database will make Loewe screens an even more popular choice for high end residential projects.
  • Keith Dowd

    Company: Paradigm and Anthem
    The better the home cinema speakers and electronics, the greater the potential for an exceptional experience. However, that potential can only be fully realized when products are properly positioned, set up, and performance-optimized. The CEDIA Designer software is a great tool to help our dealers achieve that goal.
  • Tim Sinnaeve

    Company: Barco Residential
    Our products are in good hands with TCD as it helps ensure that our projectors are specified correctly. Revolutionary piece of software!
  • Patrice Congard

    Company: Screen Excellence
    This innovative software is a real game-changer; such a smart concept to support custom installers when designing home cinemas.
  • Barry Sheldrick

    Company: Meridian Audio
    [TCD] definitely raises the standard of the cinema design industry. The design tool gives you...years of study, practical experience, and knowledge in a simple to use, yet incredibly powerful program.
  • Anders Uggelberg

    Company: Procella Audio
    Quick, precise and elegant, The CEDIA Designer solves the task of optimum design of any cinema room.
  • Arnaud Laborie

    Company: Trinnov Audio
    TCD is a game-changer in the way that it allows integrators to specify a project according to industry standards within minutes.
  • Randhir Verma

    Company: Datasat Digital Entertainment
    I was blown away once I saw the software at work, the potential is huge...a game-changer on a global level.
  • Eric McBride

    Company: Bowers & Wilkins
    I was blown away. In a matter of minutes, you had virtually everything necessary to present a proposal to a client! It’s an absolutely fantastic software program.
  • BPS, Inc.

    Company: BPS, Inc.
    We think The CEDIA Designer is the ideal software solution for integrators who want to raise the bar of private home theatre installations. Providing clients a 3D rendering of their custom designed space is now a reality!
  • Sawan Nichani

    Company: Macbee
    I was amazed at how fast and efficient this design tool is.
  • David Graham

    Company: Grahams Hi-Fi
    TCD is a great value and can save hours of time on a single project.
  • Ankur Bhatt

    Company: Sound-Sense
    It is a tool that can be used by both first-timers as well as industry specialists.
  • Ian Trudgeon

    Company: thinkingbricks limited
    The CEDIA Designer will now serve as a central part of our ongoing focus on cinema solutions. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, and TCD ensures [a client] can see you are the expert and have developed a bespoke solution.
  • Stuart Burgess

    Company: Just Add Popcorn
    To say it’s quick, easy, and accurate is not doing the software justice. TCD is now our go-to software when designing our cinema and media rooms.
  • Christiaan Beukes

    Company: Sphere Custom Design
    TCD has revolutionized our design process. It’s been very, very beneficial to our bottom line. It’s a no-brainer.
  • Peter Aylett

    Company: Archimedia

    This will go a very long way to raising the standard of private cinemas everywhere. Everything The CEDIA Designer does are things that previously we’d have to do longhand, that would take us a very, very long time. The nice thing about TCD is that, as you spec different products, you can see, almost in real time, exactly the different levels of performance that those different products will give you.


With so many advantages to using TCD cinema installers are flocking to use the tool.
So how much is it?