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As the leading global authority on education, certification, research, standards, advocacy, and community awareness for the residential technology industry, CEDIA strives to provide educational resources aimed at enhancing their overall capacity to attract, develop, and retain skilled talent.

CEDIA Training

  • Innovative Strategies to Attract and Retain Talent - This webinar provides innovative methods for talent attraction and recruitment as well as best practices for the development and retention of skilled talent. This webinar was recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic and includes a discussion on short-term and long-term changes in strategy for talent attraction, retention, development, promotion, and retention associated with COVID-19.
  • Employees 101: The Employee Life Cycle - This webinar will provide you with a framework to improve hiring, firing, and managing employees in your organization.
  • AVIXA, CEDIA, AV Magazine, ISE - Recruiting New Talent - The AV industry's future prosperity depends on attracting talented people. This session will present research highlighting the scale of the issue, and showcase ways in which AV companies can engage with schools, military veterans and workforce agencies to build more pipelines into AV jobs.
  • The 5 Keys to Teamwork and Trust - This webinar will provide a strategic framework for giving employees enough autonomy to become real stakeholders in a firm’s success.
  • Discipline to Termination: 5 Steps to Doing It Right! – This webinar will walk owners and managers through the thorniest issues they will likely face.
  • Virtual Leadership and Employee Engagement – This webinar will teach you how to align employees with the organization’s direction and priorities, set clear performance expectations, and build trusting relationships among teams

General Training Resources

  • Association for Talent Development (ATD) is an association for professionals who help others achieve their full potential by improving their knowledge, skills, and abilities in the workplace, representing members in more than 120 countries.

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Other Resources

  • Brigette Hyacinth is an author and international keynote speaker on Leadership, Management, HR, Social Media Marketing & Influencing, Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Oleg Vishnpolsky, Global CTO at DailyMail Online and Metro.Co.UK, provides insightful articles and posts on leadership, talent attraction, and employee retention.

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