Show Employers You Mean Business

The best way for jobseekers to demonstrate that they are the skilled talent employers are looking for is by earning industry-recognized credentials. These credentials essentially tell employers that you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be effective on the job. CEDIA offers credentials for every skill level, from entry level to industry veteran.

Career Pathways

Integrators earn an excellent living in a high-tech industry. A career in this field offers great potential for advancement, and a work environment that will always be challenging and exciting as new technologies emerge. Like in any industry, there are various types of workers doing many different types of jobs. There are technicians, programmers, designers, project managers, salespeople, administrative assistants, and more. The current demand for qualified employees has never been higher! Virtually every employer in the industry is looking for skilled talent to add to their team, not only as entry-level technicians, but in more advanced roles as well.

Map your professional development as an Integrator

Whether you are new to the industry, looking to become CEDIA Certified, or brushing up on a new specialization – CEDIA has the pathway for you.

Average Hourly Wages

 Position Hourly Wage
 Entry Level Technician  $17
 Experienced Technician  $21
 Programmer  $27
 Designer  $27
 Project Manager  $29
 Administrative/Customer Service  $17
 Entry Level Sales Representative  $24
 Experienced Sales Representative  $31
 Sales Manager  $35
 Executive/General Manager  $43

What Kind of Jobs do Integrators do?

  • Technician/Installer

  • Designer/Engineer

  • Project Manager

  • Programmer

  • Sales

  • Owner/Partner

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