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CEDIA is the leading global authority on education, certification, research, standards, advocacy, and community awareness for the residential technology industry and is committed to addressing the workforce development needs of the industry.

Success Begins with CEDIA Education

CEDIA is the only comprehensive education resource covering a wide breadth of specialized topics in the home technology industry. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or new to the industry — we have what you need to get on the path to success.

A Note On Industry Credentials

Recognized professional certifications are a great way to identify qualified candidates. If you are hiring experienced people, look for the CEDIA Certifications that match your requirements.

If you are seeking your first job in the industry, having CEDIA Certification will tell potential employers you are ready to begin your career in residential systems.

Looking for quality techs?

CEDIA is here to help connect your home technology business with qualified candidates. Members can submit job openings for posting online and in our weekly newsletter.