What You Need to Know to Get Clients the Tech They Want

Resources for Architects, Builders, and Designers

If your clients aren't asking about residential technology already, they will, and you have the opportunity to be the hero. You don’t have to be the expert, you just need to know where to find one. CEDIA is built upon industry leading education and certification, and these cutting-edge technology training offerings extend beyond our own membership to you.

From learning the lingo to finding the right architectural drawing standards for technology, CEDIA has the resources you need to gain the comfort and understanding of how you can begin incorporating technology into your conversations with clients.

Industry Partnerships

CEDIA has established cooperative agreements with -- and is approved as a continuing education provider for -- several industry partner associations including IDCEC, RIBA, NAHB, and more.

Get Educated

CEDIA has a bank of members who are trained and ready to deliver approved education at a regional and local level -- at no cost to you.

Inspiration Gallery

How can technology work with design? Whether your clients are looking for a way to listen to music throughout their home or to add a fully immersive home theater, a CEDIA member can work with you to find solutions that work with your client’s lifestyle and with your design. Check out the CEDIA Inspiration gallery to find a world of ideas.

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