CEDIA Humanitarian Award

The CEDIA Humanitarian Award recognizes a company or individual who is working to improve life at home for those with special needs. The recipient will have demonstrated compassion through their work by creating solutions to enable an individual or family that requires special assistance to complete their daily activities with the support of technology.

Creating an innovative accessibility solution for a wounded veteran or leveraging technology to create a comfortable environment for a child with autism are examples of work the Humanitarian Award recognizes. The award will be given for the entrants' innovative use of assistive technology or integration solutions to meet their clients’ unique needs and/or for the entrants' efforts to support an agency or organization whose mission is to support persons requiring special assistance within their home. 

The award will be given at the CEDIA Expo in Denver, CO. 


This award is open to any individual from a CEDIA member company and is not necessarily awarded every year. Services may or may not include volunteered or donated efforts.

Criteria for Judging

CEDIA’s Humanitarian Award recognizes an individual or company who has exhibited innovative solutions to improve a client requiring special assistance, life at home and/or support to an agency or organization with a mission to support persons requiring special assistance within their home.   

Examples of Projects or Intiatives Eligible for Award

Examples of individuals served: aging, autism spectrum disorders, hearing impaired, vision impaired, mobility impairment, or special needs to disabled veterans.

Solutions may include: digital home health care, assistive technology, or proximity, motion, or heat sensor solutions.  

Nominations will be judged solely by the CEDIA Board of Directors, on the content provided on the award application.

Award Submission Requirements

Applicants must fill out the online application.


Please direct all questions to awards@cedia.org.

Humanitarian Award Application

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