The CEDIA volunteer structure is led by the Board of Directors and Board Committees; the Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Governance Committee and Ethics Committee, as outlined in CEDIA’s bylaws.

Additionally, the CEDIA Advisory Councils also report to the Board of Directors. These councils provide recommendations and guidance on CEDIA initiatives and programs. All councils have a cross section of CEDIA members from various geographic locations, who meet the requirements for the role. There are several working groups and task forces that report to each advisory council.

A list of all active CEDIA Volunteer teams is below. Teams with an asterisk(*) are actively recruiting. If you are interested in volunteering please submit a volunteer interest form.


*Teams listed with and asterisk(*) are actively recruiting. If you are interested in volunteering please submit a volunteer interest form.

  • Australian Builder Outreach Task Force*

  • Australian Education Working Group*

  • Australian Member Engagement Working Group*

  • Business Working Group*

  • CEDIA Awards Judging Task Force*

  • CEDIA Standards

  • CIT Exam Development Working Group*

  • COI Australia Task Force*

  • Disability and Aged Care Task Force (Australia)

  • Discovery Working Group

  • EMEA COI Working Group*

  • Government Affairs Working Group*

  • India Member Engagement Working Group

  • Instructor Working Group*

  • IST Exam Development Working Group*

  • Network Specialist Exam Development Working Group*

  • New Zealand Member Engagement Working Group*

  • Technical Education Working Group

  • UK Member Engagement Working Group*

  • US COI Working Group*

  • Workforce Development Working Group

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