CEDIA Groups

Network, collaborate, and gather a wealth of knowledge from your peers through the CEDIA Groups program.

What are CEDIA Groups?

CEDIA Groups offer like-minded business owners a platform for discussing business opportunities and challenges — all with the goal of improving their businesses. Each CEDIA Group is made up of 7-10 CEDIA member integrator executives who meet monthly via phone or webinar to network, discuss key business issues, share best practices, and have candid conversations about operational challenges.

Every CEDIA Group has a team leader to provide organizational support, and groups have access to advisors — integrators who have demonstrated operational excellence during their years of experience within the industry.

Who Can Participate?

The CEDIA Groups program is exclusively for CEDIA members and is included in their membership fees. Participants are grouped based on the size of their company and the time zone they reside in.

Groups have access to resources, a staff liaison, a webinar platform, a dedicated conference call number, and a location for face-to-face meetings in conjunction with CEDIA-sponsored events.

Agendas are built by the group, and an advisor is asked to be part of the discussion to share their experience and advice related to the topics.

Participants must be an executive from an active CEDIA integrator member company, must commit to regularly attend the CEDIA Group activities, and must be an active participant by sharing company information and practices.

How to Get Started

If you are ready to expand your network, be part of a safe and supportive group, and learn from industry leaders, then a CEDIA Group is right for you. Complete the online application below. With this being the first year for the program, groups will form as the participant list expands.

Take your CEDIA experience to the next level by joining a CEDIA Group today.

Participant Information

What is your primary reason for participating in CEDIA Groups?
I am interested in being a CEDIA Group Lead.

Company Information

Does your company have a written business/strategic plan that has been updated in the last 24 months?

By submitting this application, I understand and agree to the following:

I understand that I must remain employed as an executive with an active CEDIA home technology professional (integrator) member company in order to continue my participation in CEDIA Groups.
I understand that I must commit to keeping confidential all documents used and matters discussed during any group discussion via phone, email, webinar, texts, or any other communication means.
I understand that neither participants, facilitators, speakers, nor I will not be held liable for any advice, information, or recommendations received from or given to the members of my CEDIA Group.
I commit to punctual attendance at as many meetings as possible, group agreed-upon work, and will communicate with the group if I am unable to attend.
I understand that group discussions are based on sharing information and ideas. I am willing to openly share (and receive) best practices, policies, procedures and other information that will be beneficial to the members of my group.
I will abide by the CEDIA Groups Antitrust Policy.
I will abide by the CEDIA code of Ethics.
I understand I will not be able to continue participation if any of the above standards are not met or if I become a distraction to the group conversations.
We will use your information to process your application. Visit our Privacy Policy.

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