The CEDIA Outreach Instructor (COI) program enables members to provide continuing education to their local design and build industry partners, helping establish vital business-to-business networking contacts and raising the awareness of CEDIA, its members, and the home technology industry.

After completing the training, CEDIA Outreach instructors can access a library of content to deliver to their local design and build partners. 

Top five reasons to engage your local design and build community:

  • Great Prospecting Tool

  • Raise Industry Awareness

  • Build Lasting Relationships

  • Continue the Conversation

  • Drive Future Direction


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Hear what our COIs think:

  • Jake Fuller, COI

    Automated AV, Australia
    "One of the reasons I wanted to become a CEDIA Outreach Instructor was because when my business was new - I thought it would become a good resource to develop relationships with other trades and it has proven very beneficial for myself for personal growth as well as growing my business. It provides resources to better explain our industry, to other trades who might not understand what systems an integrator would typically be involved in. I am also passionate about education within our industry and CEDIA provides the access to such material.”
  • Erin Thomas, COI

    SaaviHome, USA
    "We’ve been CEDIA members since 2005 and have finally decided to share our CEDIA knowledge as CEDIA Outreach Instructors to help build and solidify relationships with local industry partners. CEDIA’s continuing education courses have provided SaaviHome with a platform and means to expand our outreach and impact as technology professionals. We held our first course this month and had several potential partners join us. One attendee in particular, an architect with whom we had an active proposal with, contacted us that same afternoon to seal the deal! The presentation gave way to our professionalism, attention to detail, and technical understanding, and ultimately helped our team gain the trust of a new valued partner."
  • Sonia Hernandez, COI

    Crestron, USA
    "Thank you for your efforts and support this year. Although I am fairly new to the industry, and CEDIA, I have enjoyed the program thus far. (In fact, I taught three classes last week.) That said, I look forward to the opportunities 2022 will present. Education plays an important role in our profession, and it is one of the best ways to build new relationships with the design build community."
  • Oscar Bell, COI

    Inspired Dwellings, United Kingdom
    "This knowledge can further the quality of the engagement I have with potential clients, architects on CPD’s and other industry professionals that I interact with. Having the CEDIA qualification gives me a massive edge over other AV companies in London: being able to teach such an interesting CPD means I can interact and engage with architects on a highly technical level, answer their questions with confidence, and come across as a far more knowledgeable home technology professional."

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CEDIA Outreach Instructor (COI) FAQs

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