CEDIA Certification Volunteers

CEDIA relies on volunteer professionals from the industry to ensure that exams are accurate, up-to-date and that the program is best meeting the needs of the industry. Volunteers receive training and support from certification staff to carry out their duties. Persons who hold a CEDIA Certification are highly encouraged to participate and will earn CEUs for their time spent. Questions regarding volunteering can be directed to certification@cedia.org   

Volunteer Opportunities

  • CIT Exam Working Group

Certification Commission

The CEDIA Certification Commission is a permanent, independent governing body that sets certification policies, monitors existing programs, and overseas the work of other Certification volunteer groups. Below is the 2021 Certification Commission.
  • Dennis Erskine, CIT-SME, IST-SME, ESC-D, HCDS, Commission Chairman, Erskine Group, USA
  • Andy Baker, CIT-SME, IST-SME, ESC-T, ESC-D, Commission Vice-Chairman, Baker Stone Systems, United Kingdom
  • Matt Manalis, Commission Secretary CIT-SME, IST-SME, eXperience ONE, Australia
  • Pete Trauth, Commission, CIT-SME,IST-SME, ESC-T, ESC-N, ESC-D, Nirvana Home Entertainment, USA
  • Amanda Wildman, ESC,CIT-SME, IST-SME TruMedia, USA
  • Benjamin Yeh , Kordz, Taiwan
  • Mike Ranpura, CIT-SME, IST-SME, ESC-T, ESC-N, Smart Life AV, United Kingdom
  • Frank DeFilippis, DISH Network, USA
  • Zohir Ramodiya, ESC-T, ESC-N, The Boom Store, India
Interested in volunteering for other roles? Let us know.


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