ISF Training

The Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) Certification has one single purpose: train calibrators to deliver the visual intent of creative artists and directors to a client’s home video system. ISF calibration is the final leg of content creation that begins with cameras on sets, goes on to studios and post-production, then to distribution, and finally is presented with precision image fidelity to viewers at home through the calibrator’s skills.

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ISF Level 1 Online

The ISF Level 1 Online covers the fundamentals of Color Science, Display Standards, and detailed tutorials on the ISF CalMAN Workflow Calibration software. Through 11 self-taught, one-hour modules, learners will leave prepared to become an ISF calibrator.

This online course serves as the CEDIA/ISF prerequisite to attend the hands-on ISF Level 2 and Level 3 certification training, and can be purchased as part of the comprehensive ISF Training Package

The in-person training will cover the principles of HDMI signal pathways and distribution including troubleshooting solutions. Each attendee will participate in labs to connect video sources to displays, (flat panels and projectors) through audio video receivers and matrix switches and to make correct adjustments using appropriate video patterns and reading from color analyzers for control, contrast, brightness, color, tint, sharpness, gamma, color gamut and white balance. Attendees will critically compare the display performance of properly calibrated displays and uncalibrated or incorrectly calibrated displays. Projection technologies, installation considerations and set up including calibration will be heavily emphasized.