Call for Proposals

CEDIA is proud to offer its largest annual lineup of in-person education each year at CEDIA Expo, Integrated Systems Europe, and many other in-person and online events throughout the year. 

Are you interested in presenting education? Presenters have the opportunity to interface with dedicated industry professionals and gain recognition as an expert in their field. 

We are always looking for both technical and business courses. Give us your ideas — if you’ve got a great concept and the charisma to share your knowledge, if you have some clever thoughts for hands-on lab work — we would love to welcome you as a CEDIA instructor.  

New to presenting? We want to hear from you, too. CEDIA is working hard to bring new presenters into the fold and keep our education offerings cutting edge and exciting. All proposals will be considered.

Knowledge Share

Call for proposals for CEDIA EXPO 2023

*** PLEASE NOTE: CEDIA does not pay speaker fees for any of their events***
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Learning objectives should finish the sentence, “At the end of this course, participants will be able to…,” and should include action verbs (not “learn” or “understand”). They should be written so it is clear what the participants will be able to do upon completion of this course. Action verbs to consider: identify, list, tell, describe, explain, summarize, construct, demonstrate, solve, analyze, organize, compile, create, design, appraise, compare, contrast.

Type of course
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Please note: co-instructors and panelists will not be eligible for compensation and travel reimbursement from CEDIA.

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* Workshops must include specific learning objectives along with documented evaluation metrics to support the fact that learners have achieved the outcomes. Additionally, submissions for these sessions must also include relevant documents to show activities/worksheets that the students will work through during the course.
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Note: In most cases, content produced from accepted proposals becomes the property of CEDIA.

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