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Tasks like crimping wires, running cable, and calibration may sound like a foreign language. All these tasks and more will be part of your vocabulary and skill set after you attend in-person CEDIA Education.

CEDIA offers basic and advanced training to prepare you to set up and install smart home technology systems. This specialized, hands-on installer training will provide you with a foundation for a successful career as a home technology professional.


An integrator is the person who installs, configures, and maintains electronic systems in the home. This includes installing the cabling infrastructure, the equipment, the control systems, and the user interfaces. A good integrator has an understanding of how signals and electricity work, allowing them to solve problems and troubleshoot issues in the field when necessary. Whatever your current experience, CEDIA education has something to offer.

  • Thomas Winters, CIT

    Smart Spark Solutions, United Kingdom

    I thought the course was great, really informative and Geoff the trainer was absolutely amazing. Incredibly knowledgeable on all topics concerned with the course and just a really friendly, enthusiastic trainer who brought a ton of energy to each day of the training so my thanks to Geoff for making the whole experience a fun one! 

  • Pedro Phinn

    United Kingdom
    The reason I came to the training was basically to get the information that I need to start my own business in this sector, and essentially operate at a professional level. I'm an advocate and passionate about new and emerging technology - I like to piece information together - and so to be in an environment where you are actually applying this in a practical way, I found quite useful. The Boot Camp was fantastic as a taster, to give you an overview of the information that you will need to consider to operate at a professional level. What excites me about this industry is that it's still new, and it's plain to see that as we go forward, we are becoming ever more reliant on technology, and so it's having a bigger placement in the home. [In reference to Boot Camp attendees] We are becoming new engineers for this sector and for me that's really positive and exciting.
  • Shaun O'Connor

    I've come on this course because in the past few years we have been seeing more projects where clients have asked for smart home integration services that we haven't been able to offer. So far, during the 2 weeks that I have been here, I've really enjoyed getting hands on with certain hardware and seeing how the theory we have learnt in the classroom is actually put into practice in real life. When we learned about Home Cinema, we actually put speakers into place and learned how positioning affects the sounds the end user will get.
  • Bhavesh Doshi, CIT, IST, ESC-N

    Founder Entelechy Systems, India
    By getting certified on the ISO accredited CIT, I'm not only able to bring proficiency to the integration in my company, but also help in establishing the credibility of my company. CEDIA have helped us to become one of the most reputable Indian integration compnies.

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