Typical Experience

1 year or less


None, but candidates must agree to the terms and conditions listed in the CEDIA Certification Code of Conduct.


$150 - CEDIA Member, $200 - Non-Member

 Exam Length

2 hours, 120 items

 Certification Length

3 Years


Submit renewal application, $40 fee, & code of conduct agreement

Attend approved 3-hour CIT Renewal & Update Course and pass post-course knowledge assessment


This certification represents a technician whose primary task is to perform basic infrastructure wiring for low-voltage technology systems in a residential or commercial setting. Certified technicians are able to use proper tools and techniques, follow instructions per project documentation, and operate in a safe and professional manner on the jobsite. They understand the basic function of wiring and termination components being installed and are aware of common equipment and systems applications which they may assist with mounting and installing during later phases of a project. While these individuals typically work under supervision, this certification indicates to employers that they are jobsite ready, can work billable hours performing cabling and installation support, and have foundational knowledge to support additional training on equipment and technology systems. This certification will be live for beta testing soon.

Please view the full CIT Exam Blueprint for the complete list of knowledge and skills covered.

Who should take the CIT exam?

Brand new and early-career technicians are highly encouraged to participate as this certification is especially for them. Experienced technicians are also encouraged to participate as the CIT is a pre-requisite for future higher certifications with the new intermediate-level IST Certification coming next in Spring 2021. Experienced and currently certified technicians are also in a good position to provide valuable feedback on the exam, even if their knowledge level exceeds that of the target audience. The beta test is highly discounted and current active ESC, and ESC-T receive additional special pricing. Please reference the transition chart for details.

How do I prepare for the exam?

Please reference the CIT Handbook for a complete description of the certification and all related testing and certification policies. There is a free practice exam (one version with answers provided and one without) you can take to sample what types question are covered and get a feel for your level of preparedness. The CEDIA Certification Commission does not require specific training to take exam or endorse any specific exam preparation product. All CEDIA training courses are developed independently form the Certification Commission. Listed below are resources that address the content outlined in the blueprint and are examples of pathways some candidates follow to certification:

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