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CEDIA’s government affairs efforts are designed to support members and ensure that their abilities to own and operate their businesses are not impeded.

Our mission is to influence public policy to protect CEDIA members, the electronics industry, and consumers. 

The association achieves this mission by developing, monitoring, and disseminating information regarding legislative and regulatory issues; developing and implementing public policy strategies; and driving participation at a grassroots level.

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Your Professionalism is Showing

by Rachel Tindall | Jul 13, 2022

How other trades view the home technology industry and how we represent ourselves as industry experts is of the utmost importance. The terms professionalism and competence come to mind, and it’s important to integrators that clients and other trade professionals connect these terms with their work.

Thanks to CEDIA's partnership with the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS), integrators can demonstrate their competency on par with the construction and electrotechnical trades, which are well established and have a long history of industry driven, competency-based qualifications.

The ECS card goes beyond granting access to building sites or serving as a form of identification - it is our industry's way to demonstrate that we have a qualified, trained, professional workforce, which can safely and competently install complex technology solutions.

Whilst we acknowledge that not all projects may require an ECS card, CEDIA member IndigoZest explains that many of their multi-dwelling (MDU) projects are requesting these credentials. They have six technicians who regularly and proudly display their ECS cards, which they report improves credibility and validation on site. The technicians who use their card feel it endorses that they are part of a professional team that cares about keeping up with industry standards and providing career growth. IndigoZest notes that the cards also “build self-worth within the team” and they “hope more integrators join the scheme.”

This trend highlights how you can get involved in increasing professionalism in the home technology industry. If you obtain the ECS Home Technology Integrator card, you build credibility not only for your business, but for the whole industry.

If you’re ready to apply for an ECS card, you’re in luck. CEDIA is running a promotion to waive the application fee until 31 October 2022. For more information, visit the CEDIA website or contact CEDIA’s Education Coordinator Emma McMylor by phone at 01480 213744 or email at emcmylor@cedia.org.

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CEDIA’s public policy efforts are designed to support CEDIA members and ensure that their abilities to own and operate their business are not impeded upon.

The Grassroots Legislative Network is a collection of CEDIA members across the U.S. that helps to monitor, gather, and share information about legislative and regulatory issues that pertain to the home technology industry. The Grassroots Legislative Network also develops and implements strategies for responding to legislative issues.

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