cedia advocacy

Backing Our Members In The Smart Home Technology Industry

Through advocacy, we promote policies favorable to our members and our industry, and oppose those that threaten your interests. We work to improve our industry’s reputation with the public, lawmakers, NGOs, and other interest or pressure groups.


Aims of CEDIA Advocacy

  • Fight for the legislative rights and interests of our members around the world.
  • Monitor and influence licencing regulations that affect the smart home integration industry.
  • Raise the profile and credibility of our industry to associated trades and organisations.
  • Participate in cross-industry initiatives to position CEDIA Members as experts in their field.
  • Promote the viability of smart home integration as a career choice.
  • Publish research to demonstrate the importance of our industry.
  • Create tools for members to actively support their local workforce and industry relations partnerships.

What our Members say

  • Oscar Bell, COI

    Inspired Dwellings, United Kingdom
    "This knowledge can further the quality of the engagement I have with potential clients, architects on CPD’s and other industry professionals that I interact with. Having the CEDIA qualification gives me a massive edge over other AV companies in London: being able to teach such an interesting CPD means I can interact and engage with architects on a highly technical level, answer their questions with confidence, and come across as a far more knowledgeable home technology professional."
  • Will Breaux

    President iconic.systems, USA
    It would be enough if CEDIA’s Government Affairs program simply monitored changing laws and legislation, so we weren’t surprised when, one day, we woke up and a law was being passed that affected us doing our jobs. But they take it a step further. CEDIA stands up and participates in governmental legislation, attending and consulting in state legislative sessions and city council meetings across the country.  The least we can do is have their back and also participate.
  • Chris Thorne

    Director Imperium UK, United Kingdom
    CEDIA being appointed to the (UK) All-party Parliamentary Group for Assitive Technology is an important step in educating the assisted living market about what our industry can provide. I'd encourage all members to learn more about and support this work.
  • Stuart Tickle

    Managing Director AWE Europe, United Kingdom
    Data can help us all better understand the CI space, identifying technology trends and consumer behaviours more accurately and helping to put business planning and growth on firmer foundations.

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